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SnekCoin™ API Docs

The Ank API exposes various methods for interacting with SnekCoin™ -- HackClub's up-and-coming currency far superior to GP.

Get User Balance[ID] Method: GET Query Parameters id - Slack user ID Response { "value": number, "rank": number }
Get Users

Fetch range of SnekCoin™ users sorted by balance. Method: GET Query Parameters lower: int - Lower number of selection range (inclusive) upper: int - Higher number of selection range (exclusive) Response [ { "userId": string, "balance": number } ... ]
Get Starting Amount

Fetch amount of SnekCoin™ a new user would start with. Method: GET Response { "value": number }
Make Transaction Method: POST Request Body payer: string - Slack user ID of paying user receiver: string - Slack user ID of receiving user amount: number - SnekCoin™ being exchanged key: string - Ank API key required to authorize transaction. Please contact @Professor Sucrose on Slack to issue one for your app.